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Presentation of the association

Welcome to the African Association of Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular Surgeons 
In 1992, at Libreville (Gabon), Dr. Koffi Herve Yangni-Angate and Dr. Francois Ondo N'Dong had the idea of creating a scientific society called "African and Malagasy Society for vascular and cardio-thoracic surgery(AMSVCTS)" which aims were: to face the challenges of thoracic and cardio-vascular surgery in Africa and in the world ;to contribute to the development of this specialty and practice; to be a forum to exchange experience and an instrument for African integration.

Ten years later, at the 41st Annual Conference of the West- African College of Surgeons (WACS) held in Yaounde (Cameroun),on February 21st 2002, the African Association of Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular Surgeons (AACTCV) was born; this denomination had been preferred to the first name "SAMCVCT" proposed by the two forerunners, Dr. Koffi Herve Yangni-Angate and Dr. Francois Ondo N'Dong. Dr. Serge Emaleu Kakdeu (Cameroon), Dr. Benjamin Tagbo Ugwu (Nigeria), Prof. Koffi Herve Yangni-Angate (Cote d'Ivoire), Dr. Kwasi Etey (Togo), Prof. Francois Ondo N'Dong (Gabon) and Prof. Jean-Francois Nguimbous (Cameroon) attended the meeting.

These 6 surgeons have unanimously signed the act of creation of the first African Association of Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular Surgeons. A provisional committee was installed, and its composition was as follows:

  • Chairman: Professor Koffi Herve YANGNI-ANGATE (Cote D'Ivoire)
  • Vice-Chairman: Professor Martin AGHAJI (Nigeria),absent
  • Secretary General: Professor Francois ONDO N'DONG(Gabon)
  • Advisors: Professor Samuel ADEBONOJO(USA),absent - Professor Thomas PEZZELLA(USA),absent

This provisional board was instructed to draw up the constitution of this new organization. Professor Francois Ondo N'Dong, Secretary General ,had the mandate for dissemination as widely as possible the act of creation of the AACTCV and invite more surgeons at the next meeting scheduled for 2004.On February 24th ,2004 ,at Karaiba Beach Hotel in Banjul (Gambia), a second meeting of the AACTCV has been held; the agenda included the following items :

  • Presentation of AACTCV Constitution;
  • Designation of the Executive Committee;
  • Adoption of the proposal for an Official Journal of the AACTCV. The constitution and bylaws of the AACTCV were adopted by all attendees ;an interim executive board of five (5) members, for a period of one year, has been appointed ;its composition was as follows:
  • President: Professor Koffi Herve YANGNI-ANGATE(Cote D'Ivoire)
  • Vice-President: Professor Oluwole ADEBO (Nigeria)
  • Secretary General: Professor Francois ONDO N'DONG (Gabon)
  • Members: Professor Samuel ADEBONOJO (USA) - Professor Thomas PEZZELLA (USA)

This meeting has also laid the foundation of the official journal of the AACTCV by nominating its officers and its editorial board. The assembly also approved the draft paper submitted to it and retained the name " African Annals of Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular Surgery (AACTCV). The Journal will be a bi-annual publication. It will be published either in French and English. AACTCV Management Committee and Editorial Board have been established at the first meeting of the Interim Executive Board held on February 26th , 2004 at the Paradise Suites Hotel, Banjul, (The Gambia).

The AACTCV management committee and editorial board are as follows:

  • Managing Editor: Professor K.H. YANGNI-ANGATE
  • Editor-in-Chief: Professor O.ADEBO
  • Assistants Editor-in-Chief: Professor F.ONDO N'DONG - Professor M. AGHAJI
    Editorial Board:
  • Professor O. ADEBO (Nigeria)
  • Professor S. ADEBONOJO (USA)
  • Professor S. BEKOE (USA)
  • Professor K .FRIMPONG-BOATENG (Ghana)
  • Professor C. DESPINS (France)
  • Professor M. DUMONT (France)
  • Professor P.E. MAGNAN (France)
  • Professor M. MARCHAND (France)
  • Professor M. NDIAYE (Senegal)
  • Professor J.F. NGUIMBOUS (Cameroon)
  • Professor F. ONDO N'DONG (Gabon)
  • Professor O. OSINOWO (Nigeria)
  • Professor T. PEZZELLA (USA)
  • Professor P. THOMAS (France)
  • Professor K.H. YANGNI-ANGATE (Côte d'Ivoire)
  • On February 2005, at Hotel Sheraton ,Cotonou, Benin, during the 45th Annual Conference of the West -African College of Surgeons, the first statutory and elective meeting has been held; a new Executive Board has been elected and a list of founding members has been published.




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